About us

Who we are:

Intellischools is a mobile centric school management system which offers, user friendly navigation and focuses on effectiveness. Reducing the burden on both teachers and parents.

Education Technology

Superior engagement between parents and schools

Secure and private information

Unified data management across platforms

Ability to draw insights from digital data

Our expertise

Intellischools specializes in creating Mobile and Web based Applications for Schools that enhance the School Management Process. It also has India’s largest common admissions platform for schools.

Mobile Applications: Focussed on enhancing the communication gap between schools and parents. The latest version of the school application could host a variety of features ranging from Communication to Learning Management System.

Web Applications: An extensive inventory of features that simplifies the entire management process for schools. A broad range of features such as Evaluation, Employee Data, Fee Payment etc. are integrated within the web application.

Why Intellischools?

  • Custom website design for schools
  • Serves as an all-in-one solution
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Accessible on Mobile as well as Web Platforms
  • Data Security and Privacy maintained
  • Online fee payment makes the entire process hassle free
  • Mobile Apps available on Android and iOS platforms


Since 2013, we have been committed to using technology to improve the overall effectiveness of school education. Over 80 schools have benefitted from our combination of innovative solutions, mobile centric technology and continuous engagement. Our mobile centric solutions with multiple value added features provide parents and schools a very effective communication and engagement platform. For more details visit our Features page