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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Websites

Communication today is fast paced and delivered digitally. Attention spans are lower and time available to read and understand is limited. School communication remains unchanged over the past many decades, usually through the school calendar or via PTA forums. Digital mediums such as websites, mobile apps and social media platforms such as youtube enable schools to engage continuously with parents, students, teachers and alumni.There is also a proliferation of multiple screens, requiring that communication be delivered across multiple platforms at home, office or on the go.

School websites need to communicate information on news and events, make forms available and easy to download and provide relevant links to photos, videos etc. as well as social media such as youtube and Facebook.However, it is equally important to get the domain name right, ensure that the site has the right mix of historical information, current events and news as well as enable alumni and PTA to reach out to the school.

Equally important is the ability to easily update news, events and photos to provide users relevant information. Our wordpress based websites are easy to update and maintain and can be learnt with minimal training.


Websites are viewed across multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Increasingly all websites have to be responsive i.e. they adjust to the screen size of the device. Websites also need to be regular updated with the latest software versions and plugins to work smoothly. Images have to be optimised so that they do not take a long time to load and the user experience has to be seamless across different browsers.


Security is paramount for any website, especially those belong to a school. Security process include well defined security protocols at the school admin end, with escalation in case of any issue. There’s a high risk of computers being compromised due to poor security measures, but these should not affect the website.

Hosted in secure servers with redundancy and backup processes, we ensure optimum delivery. Our security protocols ensure that only bonafide users can make changes to the site and any untoward activity is immediately reported and tracked.


Do you know how your website is doing? How is it performing over time and where are users going ? Every website we create is embedded with google analytics, so that you can access information such as:

  • User behaviour
  • Operating systems
  • Day / Time of day usage etc.
  • New and returning users
  • Country of origin etc.

This information can also be accessed by the Google analytics app on your Android or IOS phones as well as through this link: Analytics