Case Studies

Going Digital

School: Apostolic Carmel High School & Junior College

Nestled off the busy Hill road in Bandra West, Apostolic Carmel High School and Junior College (ACHS) is an all girls institution managed by the Apostolic Carmel Congregation. Founded in 1953, the school has over 2,000 students and has recently started a junior college. For its diamond jubilee in July 2013, the school wanted to create a website, but had very little time. A chance meeting with Bishop Stanley resulted in a quick request to create a website.


Intellinects created its first school website for ACHS in time for its diamond jubilee. The School took great efforts to procure photographs, provide information and provided constant feedback. In less than 3 weeks, a school website was created and launched on the day of the golden jubilee strengths. The website has around 1,000 users on an average with page views ranging from 4,000 to a peak of 7,000. Intellinects felt that a significant number of parents had yet to access the website and created its first Android Mobile app for the school. Over 600 parents use the Android school app on a regular basis. The School has a dedicated resource who updates the website regularly and keeps information up to date. The school also has a dedicated video channel where school videos including one of the recent annual day are available.


Intellinects also provided an SMS gateway for the school to reach out to parents on a selective basis. Largely due to the work done with the school, Intellinects now works with ACHS Alumni as well as 3 other schools belonging to the ACHS congregation across Maharashtra and Goa. Most recently, ACHS opted to switch to online admissions, which was successfully executed by Intellinects. Charcha facility is being tested by the school and is expected to go live shortly. The Parent teachers association has been extremely supportive of the digital initiatives and has encouraged the school to embrace technology.

Going Digital

School: St. Andrews High School, Bandra, Mumbai


St. Andrew’s School is the first school founded in Bandra after Bombay passed on to the English and was St. Andrew’s Parish School. It was started by the Vicar, Fr. Francisco de Mello in 1780. It is a Catholic educational institution conducted by the Archdiocese of Bombay. “UBI CRUX IBI LUX” is the motto of St Andrews High school, which means “where there is a cross, there is light”. The cross that the students carry is heavy but with the warm light of appreciation, the burden can be joyously carried. Mission Sunshine opens the black stone building of St. Andrew’s School to appreciation because where there is appreciation there is sunshine.

St. Andrew’s website had not been updated for a long time as the existing vendor had stopped providing support and was difficult to contact. This was indeed developing into a “sun spot”. Intellinects Ventures helped the school in recovering the domain name and built a completely new site based on the Mission Sunshine theme. The website has nearly a 1,000 visitors every month and more than 300 parents have downloaded the Android app as of December 2014. Views on the mobile app are now close to the web as well. The school will also be using the online admission platform as well.