Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I log in?
A. Every administrator will receive a unique id and password along with a school specific login page. Please login using the credentials provided.

Q: I am locked out of the site, what do I do?
A: You are locked out of the site because you probably entered an incorrect user name or multiple attempts with incorrect passwords when trying to login. In order to get access again, go to Check Your IP Address and note down the IP address. It is in the format XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX eg.

Note this IP address. Send an email to requesting access. We will unlock your IP address within 4 – 6 hours.


In order to create Calendar appointments/events in WordPress on your website, please follow the detailed guidelines provided here:

Creating Events for Calendar


Q: What are the different image sizes to be used with my template?
A: Image sizes vary by location on the template. The image size is measured in px (or pixels). You can use picture editing software Irfanview (along with the Free plugins) for editing photographs and images.
For homepage sliders: 1000px x 400px
For individual page banners: 1000px x 220px
Photographs: No larger than 640px in width. Height is per the aspect ratio of the picture.
Icons for news items: 100px x 100px

Q: How to I reduce the size of the photograph images? What is BATCH CONVERSION & Rename?
A: We recommend using a free picture editing software Irfanview. To see our User guide, click here.

Q: Where do I get more information about Irfanview?
For a detailed FAQ on how to use this software, click here.

News / Posts

News will only appear on your website if it is sent from an authorised email account to a designated email account on our servers. No other email addresses will be accepted. For details for your school, please contact us via email and you will be provided the required credentials after verification.

Follow the process below to post your news items

  1. Login to your email account –
  2. Compose a new email. Select the address to send the email as
  3. In the subject line, type the heading/title for your news
  4. In the Body section of your email, use the format below

date: Mar 14, 2015

Enter the description of the event. Event took place on …..

Rest of your news event description here.

As noted above, replace the date given with the actual date of the event.

  1. Finally, select all the COMPRESSED IMAGES (use Irfanview for doing that. Refer to “Image Processing Manual” (link to page), to do this.
  2. Send the email. Your email will be converted to a news item on your website within a couple of hours.


Alternately, if you have administrator access to the website, please follow the detailed guidelines provided here:

Creating Posts

SMS Facility

Some features of the mobile app require SMS authentication. Userid and password has been provided to the administrator. The Institute needs to be registered and has to follow guidelines for communication


Q: How do I edit large videos for upload to YouTube?
A: We recommend using a free video editing software “Freemake”. For a detailed FAQ on how to use this software, click here.

Q: How do I upload videos to my YouTube channel & create Playlists?
A: Please refer to the attached guide for details. YouTube Guide.